Friday, November 8, 2013

Imagine Finding One Of These In Your Garage..

With a little big of elbow grease we could have her on the road in no time...what say you?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

6 Tips To Help You Get The Best Deal At A Salvage Vehicle Auction

Tip #1 Get To The Party Early

The earlier you get to the auction the better. This will give you time to see what all is available. It will also give you time to see what your competition is doing. If you can, talk to them and see what their bidding style is. You can learn a lot from your competition.

Salvage Vehicle Auction

Tip #2 Check Out Each Car Thoroughly

As you know, the cars at this auction will more than likely be a total wreak. Even still, you should take the time to inspect the cars thoroughly. While a car may be a total wreak according to the insurance company, often times you will find parts that are still in great condition.

Tip #3 Always Verify

Keep in mind everyone at the salvage vehicle auction is in it for themselves. The auction house is trying to make money just like you are trying to save money. Never take the auctioneers word at face value. Always take the time to verify what they are saying. The auctioneer has one job and one job only. To portray the vehicle in the best light possible so they can get the best price possible.

Tip #4 Leave Your Emotions In The Car

When you go into these auctions chances are you won't be the only one looking at a particular vehicle. Many times you will end up in a bidding war. Before you bid on any item you need to know two things. The value range and your bidding ceiling. You should know how much you are willing to spend before you even get to the auction. When you get in a bidding war things can get very heated as you will want to win. But stay disciplined and refuse to go over your budget. Otherwise you may win the bid, but you will indeed have buyers remorse. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cut Out the Middlemen and Get Huge Savings at a Wholesale Car Auction

Buying Direct at a Wholesale Car Auction

You must aim to get big discounts if you are planning to purchase two or more cars, but you can get much bigger discounts by cutting out the middleman and going straight to the source; one of them being a wholesale car auction. Another method is to buy direct from the owners. But this is a bit difficult since you need to have a fairly good list of owners and companies that are selling their vehicles. 

Wholesale Car Auction

The better option between the two is to visit wholesale auction houses where you can find cars on public sale with incredibly low minimum bid prices. Some of them are valued a lot cheaper than what the middlemen and second-hand car dealers are selling them for. In fact, you shall be bidding with many used car dealers. This alone tells you that you are at the right place and will be getting a good bargain if you win the bidding.

The Challenge of Bidding for Cars at Wholesale Auctions

However, buying auctioned cars is not as easy as you think. This is quite different from buying vehicles at dealers’ showrooms where you can get the cars of your choice. In this case, you may not always get the lot of cars that you want since acquisition of auctioned units will go through a bidding process where there are other bidders competing with you. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

How Does A Live Government Auction Work?

In practice, a ‘traditional’ live government auction is not complicated at all. Once you become a member at, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information to find your local repossessed automobile auction. Then it’s simply a case of turning up in the morning to inspect the cars on offer, picking out a bargain, and then placing the winning bid at the auction for that car later in the day. Now given that these auctions really are publicized very little and also that the database at is so comprehensive that it offers a multitude of different monthly auctions in each region, it’s not uncommon that there are almost no other bidders at the auction, meaning these cars go for a fraction of their real value. Many of the lots on offer begin at prices as low as $100 and in cases, they never go any higher. Most auction houses also offer an ‘inspection day’ a few days prior to the event to allow potential buyers to preview the items on sale and make a selection. This can be a really helpful process as it allows you to work out just how much you’d be willing to spend on an individual lot at auction. In addition, the comprehensive step-by-step guides offered by the team at (which become immediately available upon signing on with the site) will give you expert advice on making the right selection at auction.