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How Does A Live Government Auction Work?

In practice, a ‘traditional’ live government auction is not complicated at all. Once you become a member at, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information to find your local repossessed automobile auction. Then it’s simply a case of turning up in the morning to inspect the cars on offer, picking out a bargain, and then placing the winning bid at the auction for that car later in the day. Now given that these auctions really are publicized very little and also that the database at is so comprehensive that it offers a multitude of different monthly auctions in each region, it’s not uncommon that there are almost no other bidders at the auction, meaning these cars go for a fraction of their real value. Many of the lots on offer begin at prices as low as $100 and in cases, they never go any higher. Most auction houses also offer an ‘inspection day’ a few days prior to the event to allow potential buyers to preview the items on sale and make a selection. This can be a really helpful process as it allows you to work out just how much you’d be willing to spend on an individual lot at auction. In addition, the comprehensive step-by-step guides offered by the team at (which become immediately available upon signing on with the site) will give you expert advice on making the right selection at auction.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Save Hundreds of Dollars Buying Government Auction Cars

The United States General Services Administration (GSA) offers government auction cars to the public nearly every month of the year. They make it incredibly easy and very economical to buy US government pre-owned cars and trucks. Additionally, they auction off just about every type of vehicle including buses, boats and even planes. Every year, thousands of individuals come together at an auction to purchase these government auction cars.

Government Auction Cars

Once the leases have ended on fleet vehicles that are managed by the GSA, they are turned over to the auctioneers for sale. Many of these cars have been well-maintained, are still detailed and clean, and will be ready to simply drive away. Many of the cars and trucks offered for auction are less than three years old. Their duties have been to provide ordinary transportation by a variety of government agencies. These types of vehicles are not repossessed, nor have they been used in any specialized military operations.

Generally, these vehicles have low mileage, are offered in popular colors and styles, and are easy to maintain. Most of them have CD players, power windows, air-conditioning, power brakes and power steering. However, every bidder should know that the vehicles sold at auction will be in “as in” condition with only a minimal amount of inspection allowed before the bidding begins.

When visiting the GSA website, any potential bidder can see a complete list of every car or truck that will be put up for auction. In addition, they will see exactly what time the auction will begin. All government auction cars that will be available will have a complete description and a comprehensive list of exactly how to buy or bid will also be detailed.